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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reflective Glory

I have been taking a class in personnel management and as we have explored the topic of “human talent’ and that all people have worth and can contribute to the organization in some shape or form. He spoke about a concept called “reflective glory” or the idea that as a leader of an organization takes a ‘we” approach rather than an ‘I’ approach it reflects better on them. If they are being a good leader, the people who rise to the top are those that indicate the success of the leadership. Not only does this apply to the business world, but also us as a church community. If a church is doing an adequate job making disciples, it should reflect positively on the leaders who have taught them how to do that.
So, think for a moment about your own church body. Although we are supposed to give all “reflective glory" to the Lord, what we do in this life does matter and we area commanded in Acts to “go and make disciples.”
Do you have people who are “rising to the top” due to your discipleship? Are you receiving “reflective glory” for what you do to bring glory to God in your day to day lives?